Week 4: Luau Day
Aloha! Prepare for a creekside beach party, complete with tiki torches, floral prints, flip flops and straw hats for 
our one-of-a-kind Luau Day!  Campers will love dressing in their favorite beach wear while doing the limbo and playing fun games like musical beach towels!  Don't miss the best beach party in Pittsburgh!
Week 3: Pirate Day
Sailing the Seven Seas may be exciting, but sailing the Seven Creeks is truly a thrill! Hoist the sails and raise the anchor to set sail for Deer Creek in an awesome camp-wide boat race! Campers will spend their arts and crafts time designing, building, and racing boats down the creek, all building up to the great Camp Deer Creek Boat Race on Pirate Day!  Join the crew or walk the plank, because this race is one wild ride!
Week 2: H2O Day
A true Camp Deer Creek classic! H2O Day is a wet and wild splashdown that your camper will never forget!  The perfect way to beat the Summer heat, H2O Day is full of fun activities, including our group watergun battles, water balloon toss, and camper cannonball contest! And of course, who can forget the best part: the patented, intergalatcically famous Camp Deer Creek Waterslide!
Week 1: Anything Goes Day
What better way to complete our opening week than an all-out, crazy and zany, wacky and wild, free-for-all day! Dress up in the silliest outfit you can make and join in the fun with our group pride events, including the counselor toilet paper wrap, hula hoop through the group, the ball over-under, and the bear-crawl race!
Week 7: Superhero Day

Holy Camp Deer Creek, Batman! Suit up and get ready to battle the forces of evil on Camp Deer Creek’s Superhero Day! Come dressed as your favorite superhero or villain and prepare for some camp-style superfun! The Aquaman Waterslide and the Hulk Tug-o-War make their triumphant returns, while the best show in the world takes place over the pool during the world-famous counselor joust! Up, up and away!

Week 6: Olympic Day
From Crickets to Frontiersmen, Braves to Rangers, Pioneers to Chieftains: unite as one for a day of friendly group competition at Camp Deer Creek's annual Olympic Day celebration!  The mighty Blue Team will do battle with the incomparable Yellow Team in the tug-o-war, the 40-yard dash, the penalty kick shootout, the classic Camp Deer Creek obstacle course, and many other fun-filled events in hopes of being crowned the Olympic Day Champions!
Week 5: Goldrush Day
Thar's gold in that there creek! In this perennial camp favorite, campers will pan the waters of Deer Creek for the gold that magically appears--only one day every year!  Don't miss out! Rumor has it that the gold-to-candy ratio at the trading post is higher than ever!
Week 8: Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to Camp Deer Creek!  Join us for our fantastic, fun, farewell Friday, culminating in the 89th celebration of our beloved Camp’s birthday.  The day comes complete with all of the summer’s favorite activities!   The day concludes with songs as the campers wait for the bell to ring one last time ... until 2022 rolls around.