Enrollment Policies



Credit from Summer 2020 will be accepted toward camp registrations for Summer 2021.  Please note that credits that were initially purchased at the regular day-camp registration rate MAY NOT be used toward Early Bird registration for Summer 2021.  Credits that were initially purchased at the Early Bird rate from Summer 2020 WILL be accepted toward Early Bird registrations for Summer 2021.


Example: If your family has $660 in credit from Summer 2020 that was initially purchased at the regular price (NOT the Early Bird price), then you must register for weeks during Summer 2021 at the regular price.  If your family has $560 in credit from Summer 2020 that was initially purchased at the Early Bird price, then you are able to register at the Early Bird price for 2021.




Beginning in 2021, Camp Deer Creek will have an expanded refund policy.  We understand the unexpected complications of life and have made additions to our policy in order to better serve our families.  

As always, we offer full refunds on all registrations through June 1ST.  Any enrollments that a family decides to pull prior to 5PM on June 1st will receive a full refund or credit toward Summer 2022.

As an expansion to our policy, any enrollments that are pulled prior to 5PM on June 15th will receive half of their registration in a refund or credit toward 2022.  Any enrollments that are pulled after this date will be considered non-refundable.




Camp Deer Creek understands that families may need to change enrollment dates after their initial registration.  We strive to be as flexible as possible and will make every effort to enroll your child in the weeks that work best for your family.  However, this is occasionally impossible due to transportation issues or group numbers.  We ask that you please understand the possible limitations of last-minute changes; to avoid any issues, please let us know ASAP if a change needs to be made to your child(ren)’s enrollment.



Residence Week 2021 runs from August 8th-August 14th.  We hope that you will choose to enroll your child(ren) for this wonderful week of sleepaway camping.  If you do choose to enroll but need to pull your child(ren)’s enrollment for any reason, please note that the latest date to do so, while still receiving a full refund or credit, is August 2nd at 5PM.