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What is your camper counselor ratio?

Our counselor to camper ratio ranges from 1:5 or 1:6 for the youngest groups (Crickets & Braves) to 1:10 or 1:12 for the oldest group (Frontiersmen).

What should my camper bring?

The following is a list of suggested items: bathing suit, spray sunscreen, creek shoes, a sweatshirt or jacket on rainy days, a plastic bag for wet swimsuits and an extra set of clothes.  Bathing suits may be kept at camp to dry overnight. Camp Deer Creek provides swim towels – we ask that you please do not send towels from home.  Towels are washed with bleach and hot water each evening for the next day. Please make sure all items are marked with your camper’s first and last name.   


NOTE: Please make sure all items are marked with your camper’s first and last name.  Camp Deer Creek is not responsible for lost or misplaced items.  All lost and found items are left at camp until the end of summer - items not claimed by the end of summer are donated to a local charity.

Can I use Camp Deer Creek as day care?

Using Camp Deer Creek’s federal tax I.D. #, 25 1255 828, parents can claim CDC as day care for their children through employment programs or on their tax returns.

Can my camper attend camp for non-consecutive weeks?

Yes, enrolled weeks do not need to be consecutive.

When will we know transportation details?

Most pickups are between 8:00 and 8:30 am and returns are between 3:45 and 4:45 pm.  Parents will be notified by their child’s bus counselor the weekend prior to starting camp.  If you have not been contacted by 6:00 pm on the Sunday prior to your enrolled week(s), please call the camp at 412.767.5351

Is there a full time nurse at camp?

Yes, a registered nurse is at camp daily during operating hours. CDC’s nurses must administer all medication to campers. All daily medication must be in the original, labeled bottle for the nurse to accept the medication. The nurse must have written information from a parent/guardian describing the amount, time and type of medication the camper is to receive.  Any camper required to carry an EpiPen must bring it to camp in a zip-lock bag labeled with his/her name.  The nurse is required to keep all EpiPens at the nurse’s station for the week.  All medication will be given to the camper to take home on his/her last day of camp.


Will you have camp on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th?

Camp will be in session on Monday, July 3rd.  Camp will not be in session on Tuesday, July 4th.  Camp will resume Wednesday, July 5th.  *Please note that this week is NOT prorated*


Do you serve lunch at camp?

Camp Deer Creek provides lunch daily.  Our lunch menu for each upcoming week can be found every Sunday on our website at  If your child has food allergies and/or does not like what is for lunch that day, campers may pack their lunch.  Please mark lunches well with a first name, last name and your child’s group name.  Your child is welcome to keep his/her lunch in one of our coolers until lunchtime.  Please keep in mind that Camp Deer Creek is not peanut or tree nut free, we have PB&J sandwiches as an alternative to the daily lunch.  We do, however, have "nut-free" tables for campers to sit and "nut-fee" alternatives.


What if my child is not a good swimmer?

Campers who pass a swim test on Monday of their first week will be allowed to swim in the deep end of the pool. Once a child passes the test, they do not need to take it again. Campers who do not pass the test are allowed to swim in the shallow end (our shallow end starts at 1 ½ feet and has a large area shallower than 3 feet). American Red Cross trained and certified lifeguards, as well as group counselors, will supervise campers in the pool at all times.


On what days will my child ride?

Campers signed up for horse back riding lessons do not have set days to ride.  Therefore, riding gear should be brought to camp each day until your child has completed their lessons for the week.  Riders must have a pair of long pants and shoes with a heel in order to be permitted to ride.  Camp Deer Creek will provide a helmet and all other riding equipment.  


What happens if it rains or is excessively hot?

In the case of inclement weather during the camp day, campers participate in games indoors.  If it is only lightly raining, the campers are permitted to continue activities in the rain.  If it is excessively hot, campers are kept cool by drinking plenty of water located at each group station, playing in the creek, swimming and taking shelter under one of our many trees.


Is it possible to add weeks when my child loves camp?

Camp Deer Creek has open enrollment throughout the summer.  Please contact the office at 412.767.5351 if you are interested in doing so.  Please keep in mind that weeks do fill at times and it may not be possible to add certain weeks.


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